Flexibility is empowering

12 month contracts kill sponteneity. Why can't we take that one way £10 flight deal and go work from Lisbon for a week? Why not realise you need to talk to clients, and come to London knowing that there' a home waiting for you?

CoHome's invested years in tailoring a structure that works for you, whether you're looking to stay for a couple nights, a month, or settle into your UK headquarters.


But homeliness was not forgotten

With all the flexibility this lifestyle brings, we didn't want to lose that feeling of home. Of being with our people, for months or just a meal.

That's why we've incentivised flatmates to give back to the community, to take an active interest in growing each other - because together we can all succeed.



Our vision is to create a sustainable CoLiving concept where you help each other grow yourselves; Whether that be in interpersonal, financial, professional, experiential, spiritual, or any other type of growth.

This is a community that loves hearing about each others' lives and offering up our own experince to help people grow faster.

We've created a place for light-footed househoppers (and globetrotters!) to take their passions home with them when they want to. Sharing your passion to the browser or a blank faced flatmate can suck.

If great companies prioritise developing you as a person, why can't you choose a home that grows you too?



Dinner & Drinks

If you want to gather some beautiful souls under our roof, you and we both know that food brings people together - just let us know!

CoHome Ideaboard

Check out our IdeasBoard, where anyone can suggest great ideas for CoHome, and we'll make the best ones happen every month.

Start Something

Start something while you're at CoHome - CoHomies are naturally interested in each other, which is great for staying on track and being pointed in the rigtht direction.

If you're interested in supporting an initiative with access to CoHome's community, finances, and entrepreneurs, let us know!

Everybody loves surprises..

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Here are a few extra services that we're currently developing with our guests.

Nomad Launchpad

If you're looking to start a Remote or Digital Nomad career, we've got a package that's perfect for you. behind the scenes

London Launchpad

If you're looking to move to London startup, we can show you london life, and talk through your plans here. behind the scenes


We have the community of brilliant business minds to brainstorm your next challenges. How could you benefit from using us?

If you're interested to be an early adopter, please do reach out to us!